• Meet Greenfield Union Elementary/ Middle School Administrators 

  • PRINCIPAL’S WELCOME Letter 2022-2023   Books

    We are excited about the new school year as we continue on our RISE & RECOVERY. 
    We are also super excited to be back fully face to face in servicing and supporting our 
    learners. This year we WELCOME Ms. Artra Bell as our new Assistant Principal. Make 
    sure you check out the About Us Tab (Meet our AP) to learn more about Ms. Bell. 
    Welcome back BluCar Community Partners offering in-school mentoring and dance, Girl 
    Scouts of America, FIRST Robotics, CHESS, and girls & boys basketball & cheer and 
    our partners with Black Family Development providing in-school Social Work. We are 
    especially excited to welcome to our campus the Detroit City Lions Youth sports and 
    educational programs. 
    In addition to our very rigorous Reading (EL Learning) and Math (Eureka), Science, 
    Social Studies curriculum, we are planning many extracurricular offerings including but 
    not limited to After-School Tutoring at every grade level, Saturday Virtual Tutoring; 
    Coding, Science Fair, Math clubs, Book clubs, and also returning will be our Recycling 
    club. So, be on the lookout for newsletters, Class DOJO announcements, and robocalls 
    with some exciting programming this year!
    As you know the past 20 months have been challenging and placed us under strict 
    restrictions and guidelines for accessing the building and classrooms. This hurt our 
    volunteer opportunities for our dedicated families. GUESS WHAT!!!! Volunteering at 
    GU is BACK!!!! Yes, please complete your volunteer applications beginning July 5th for 
    the 2022-2023 academic year at https://dpscd.galaxydigital.com/ . We want to ensure 
    all of our families have access to volunteer on campus and field trips this year. 
    Please know that we will continue to follow CDC guidelines and district mandates and 
    strict COVID-19 safety measures will be followed. Our goal is to be back fully engaged 
    to provide your learners with all that they deserve. 
    We want to share some information that will help you get off to a great start!
    BELL SCHEDULE: 7:30 AM – 2:40 PM, Monday through Friday
    • TOPS: Navy Blue, Black, or dark purple polo collared shirts 
    • BOTTOMS: Black or Navy-Blue bottoms (leggings & jeggings are unacceptable 
    and may only be worn under a black or blue skirt. 
    • SHOES: Closed-toe & straps on the back for safety (no slides, pool shoes or 
    crocs may be worn. 
    Even though we are still operating through a global pandemic, we are excited and 
    optimistic that this will be a MOMENTOUS year filled with learning and fun. We need 
    your support as we work together to make sure our students accomplish even more 
    than we can imagine and that we accelerate their learning while filling in the gaps. 
    It is our goal for every student to learn the 7 Habits needed to become highly effective 
    leaders: 1. Be Proactive. 2. Begin with the end in mind. 3. Put first things first. 4. Think 
    win-win. 5. Seek first to understand, then be understood. 6. Synergize. 7. Sharpen the 
    Let’s make 2022-2023 our BEST YEAR YET!!!! Together WE CAN!!