• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program 


    Question: What can I do if I suspect that my child or student may have a hearing loss?


    A.  Have your child seen by an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Doctor, and an Audiologist to obtain an audiogram and ontological report (signed by an ENT).     

    B.  Set up an appointment at our district’s Speech & Hearing Center located at 1220 W. Canfield Detroit, MI 48201Phone # (313)-494-8601.

    C. Call the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Office at (313) 263-2838, if you believe your student has hearing loss that maybe adversely impacting his/her education.


    Question: What kinds of options are available for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) students in Detroit Public Schools Community District?

    Answer: Our program includes Pre-kindergarten, K-12 general curriculum (inclusive), and categorical classrooms. We have an Auditory Oral Approach (A/O), where young children use hearing and speech to develop spoken language for communication and learning. Children typically attend a pre-school or early elementary program taught by teachers and therapists with A/O and child development training and experience. Sign language is not used in the A/O approach; however, natural gestures that are used in typical conversation are included.

    Our district also has a Total Communication Approach (TC), it involves educating children with hearing loss that incorporates all means of communication; formal signs, natural gestures, fingerspelling, body language, listening, lipreading and speech. Children in TC programs typically wear hearing aids or cochlear implants. The goal is to optimize language development in whatever way is most effective for the individual child.

    Question: What are the specific schools that house the categorical (D/HH-specific) classrooms?

    Answer: The schools that offer D/HH categorical classrooms are as follows:

                 a. Davison Elementary/Middle School – Auditory - Oral Communication Program

                 b. Bunche Elementary/Middle School – Total Communication Program

                 c. Detroit School of Arts High School – Total/ Auditory - Oral Communication Resource Program


    Question: What school will my child attend if he/she is a part of the general education curriculum?

    Answer: The following factors will be considered, the students boundary school location, Individualized Educational Program (IEP) and current classroom/program status.

    Question: Will my D/HH child receive any services if he/she is in the general education setting?

    Answer: Services will be rendered according to your child’s (IEP).

    Question: What types of services are provided for students who are identified as Deaf/Hard of Hearing?

    Answer: Services include but are not limited to the following:

                 · Audiological Services

                 · Assistive Technology

                 · Sign Language Interpreters

                 · Social Work Services

                 · Speech/ Language Services

                 · Physical/Occupational Therapy

                 · Direct Instruction from a teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing


    Question: What resources/websites are available for D/HH information and services in the community?

    Answer: Listed below are some helpful websites related to Deaf education.

    · www.mideaf.org

    · www.gallaudet.edu

    · www.agbell.org

    · www.signingsavvy.com

    · www.deafcan.org

    · www.holleyfv.org

    · www.handsandvoices.org

    · www.nad.org

    · www.garlicpress.com/sign-language

    · www.signschool.com


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    Question: Does the district offer any free ASL classes?

    Answer: ASL classes are offered at various times throughout the school year.

                   Traditionally, our classes start in October each year.

                   Please be sure to check our DPSCD website for more information. DPSCD Website: www.detroitk12.org  


    Question: Who is the supervisor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program?

    Answer: Darlene Dorsette is the supervisor of the Deaf and Hard of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program. She can be reached at darlene.dorsette@detroitk12.org