• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    SAFETY!!!! SAFETY!!!!! SAFETY!!!!!

    The safety of Ralph J. Bunche Preparatory Academy students is at the forefront of our concern. We want to create an environment where students and staff are comfortable and feel safe. WE ARE ASKING THAT ALL PARENTS ADHERE TO THE ENTERING AND EXITING PROCEDURES OF THE BUILDING.


    Entry/Exit Doors

    Grade Level Door Number       Door Number

    Pre-K and Kindergarten                #11

    1st – 4th                                     #2

    5th – 8th                                    #3


    The door changes are due to the complaints from parents regarding the use of door #4.

    IF your pre-k/kindergartener has a sibling that walks them to the door, they will be added to a list and can enter through door #11. We hope this will make drop off more convenient for our families.


    Late Students:

    At 7:40 all doors will be closed and students arriving after that time will enter through the main entrance (door #1). A staff member will be there to greet children. Students who arrive after 7:45 a.m. are late and will receive a tardy pass. They will have their temperatures checked and go through the symptoms checker process.


    Late Buses

    Busses that arrive after 7:40 will drop students off on Macomb. Bussed and Pre-K/K parents will drive down to the cul-de-sac, turn around and park on the right side of the street. The Dean of Culture will retrieve bussed students and escort them into the building for temperature checks and the symptom checker process.


    Visiting Parent

    For the safety of our students, parents will not be allowed to enter the building unless you need to see office personnel.




    Bunche students are dismissed at 2:40 p.m. every day. It is imperative to allow all students to obtain their full hours of instruction, therefore, we are asking parents

    NOT to pick up their children early. If you must pick up your child early, they must be picked up by 2:10 in order to be released. It is too challenging for our staff to focus on dismissal and retrieve students who are leaving early. We simply cannot accommodate all of the requests. PARENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN THE LAST 30 MINUTES OF THE DAY.



    THE MAIN LOT IS FOR STAFF PARKING ONLY!!!!!! Violators will be towed at owner’s expense. Parents and visitors are to park in the circle and designated area on the map attached.


    TRAFFIC CONTROL The safety of the students is the most important goal during drop-off and pick-up.  We all have the responsibility to see that every child is safe.  In addition, we need to keep traffic moving to facilitate student arrival and dismissal in a timely way.  It is imperative that the following rules are observed:

    · On the Macomb side, please go around the circle to drop-off.  Do not leave your vehicle.  Do not drop off on the opposite side of the street. Keep moving forward as cars in front of you leave. Parking rules will be enforced and tickets will be issued to those that do not adhere to the city’s parking guidelines.

    · If there is a need for parents to enter the building to visit the office, parking will be allowed in the designated area located on the attached map.

    · Do not enter the parking lot to drop off your children. Staff is still arriving; therefore, we need the parking lot cleared for moving traffic.

    · Be patient!  You are training your child (ren) on how to follow rules and laws by the example you set.

    Drop off and Pick up