Additional Help

  • Crockett Midtown High School strives to provide the best academic and social services for our students.  Students have access to our teachers, deans, counselors, attendance agent, and other resources at our school to help them be the most successful.  In addition to the resources offered on the Resources page, some additional academic services that students may use include:


    Social Work Services

    While we do not have a full-time social worker on staff, students will receive social work services, if required.  This would be arranged through the special education teacher or Response to Intervention Team (RTI).

    Case Conferences

    A student who is not making academic gains and/or has behavior concerns will be invited with their parent/guardian to meet with the student’s teachers.  At this conference, the parent, student, and teachers will review data, brainstorm solutions and develop an intervention plan of action.

    Response to Intervention Team (RTI)

    If the case conference is not successful, the school staff will refer the student to participate in a Response to Intervention (RTI) meeting.  The RTI is a school-based problem-solving team that works collaboratively with Crockett Midtown High School parents, staff, support staff professionals and community members in addressing individual and school-wide issues that affect student learning. The RTI enhances academic achievement by promoting a healthy school environment that addresses the social, physical, cognitive and emotional development of all Crockett Midtown High School students.

    School staff and students may contact members of the team, which may include the principal, the student's classroom teachers, and support staff (school psychologists, School Social Worker, Teacher of Speech and Language Impaired, school nurse, guidance counselor, attendance agent, etc.) regarding consultation and/or initiation of the RTI process.

    After-School Tutoring

    Many teachers offer after-school tutoring for students. If a student needs more support in a class, please reach out to the teacher to see what help and/or tutoring the teacher can provide on an individual basis.