Support Staff

  • Sometimes there are circumstances that may hinder a student's ability to excel in school.  In situations like this, there are resources on-site to help students be successful. 

    ATTENDANCE: Kamaria Curtis-Mcneill

    It is important for students to be in class all day and every day.  Ms. Curtis is the Attendance Agent for Carleton. She tracks every student's daily attendance and reaches out to parents when students are absent.  Ms. Curtis works closely with administrators and other staff to help coordinate higher rates of attendance for students.

    HEALTH: Nurse Strong

    Nurse Strong is from Ascension but works out of Ben Carson High School.  As long as students have a health form signed in the office, she can see students and give them basic medical attention.  She also runs the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and is involved in the school community in many other ways as well.  

    COUNSELING: Millicynt Horton

    Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Horton are our school counselors who help schedule students, organize field trips and college visits, and counsel students emotionally, as needed.  Their support is paramount to our students' success as they learn to navigate high school and graduate, moving on to college, the military, or the work force.