• All About Marquette Elementary Middle School - 6145 Canyon, Detroit MI 48236

    Welcome to DPSCD Marquette Elementary Middle School, a place where learning is an adventure waiting to happen! Whether you're just starting out in Preschool or gearing up for 8th grade, there's something special for you here. With over 470 scholars thriving in our halls, we're excited to welcome new faces to our school. Our diverse and inclusive community celebrates the unique talents and backgrounds of each student, creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected.

    Sure, we've got the books and the pencils, but we've also got some really cool stuff going on. Ever wanted to build your own robot? Well, students can here in our robotics program! Or if they are more into building cities with legos or making music in our band class we've got it here. Don't forget about our computer classes, where students can learn all about tech stuff, it’s all here for you. We know it's not just about the fun stuff it's about getting ready for the future, too.  Our curriculum is aligned to common core state standards, where each student gets a learning plan designed specifically for them and has interventions for struggling students. 

    Come join us at DPSCD Marquette Elementary Middle School and see for yourself what makes us special. We can't wait to meet you!

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