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Kyrie Collier on His Trip to Gettysburg

Student Kyrie Collier had a great opportunity to attend a field trip to Gettysburg.  From his own words, he had a great time.  Below is Kyrie's account of his trip, including what he did and where he went.

kyrie on rock in uniform

The Gettysburg trip was a fun opportunity.  I learned, had fun and made lots of new friends from different schools all in one. I learned things about the Civil War and World War II that was never talked about in social studies and US History. We toured many places like the battle field, the Bryan's house (I'll tell their story a litle later), the cemetary ridge and many othr cool places called General Picket's. We did many other cool things but I cant' think of them right now and that just about sums up Gettysburg. Washington DC was funner if I say so myself. Ther was more things to do and see. We toured the Arlington National Cemetary, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and we saw the White House. We also went to the Smithsonian Museum. The best thing we did to me personally i when we went to the Hoawrd University book store. I wish we got a capus tour but it was a great opportunity because I got to talk to some of the students and ask the questions. It was pretty great. Howard is my favorite HBCU school and I hope to attend there one day. The hotel was pretty nice. It had a stove and oven, microwave and a fridge with a freezer that make ice and that just about sums up the trip and I for sure am going next year.