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Virtual Learning Only from April 5th through April 18th and Quarter 4 Preference Survey

DPSCD Students and Families,

Due to the upcoming Spring Break and the likelihood that employees and students will be engaging in more social interaction with fewer social restrictions, warmer weather, the upcoming holiday, and expanded use of the vaccine the district is considering a week of social isolation during the week of our scheduled return from Spring Break on April 5th. This would mean that all employees and students would work and learn online the week of April 5th.

This strategy will allow in person employees and students to socially isolate for a week before returning to schools the week of April 12th. In person employees will receive a negative COVID test before returning to the buildings. We are also exploring random testing for in person learning students. This would be a saliva test, not a nasal test. Students would simply need to provide a small amount of spit for lab results. There would be no discomfort with this test. Consent would be needed from a student’s family and we will provide more details if used.

Nikolai P. Vitti, Ed.D.

Additionally, with Quarter four just around the corner, we would like to know your learning preferences: are you choosing virtual learning or in person?

  • The student/family survey asks about their learning model preference for the fourth quarter, about summer school plans, and about their plans for 2021-2022.
  • The DFT Staff survey asks DFT staff about their teaching model preference for the fourth quarter and about their interest in teaching summer school.
  • The non-DFT Staff survey asks non-DFT staff about their interest in supporting summer school.

Family Learning Model Preference Survey:

DFT Staff Teaching Model Preference Survey:

Non-DFT Staff Summer School Support Survey:

Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District