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How to Access Curriculum Through

How to access DPSCD Curriculum Applications through

Clever is a central hub for a lot of DPCSD school applications. Clever can be used to log in to students' DPSCD e-mails, Microsoft Teams (where their classes are currently being held) among many other resources.  Here we will explain how to log in to Clever and access these curriculum apps.

  1. Click on the Clever desktop shortcut or open Google Chrome and go to
    Clever URL
  2. Click “Log in with Active Directory”Teacher’s will use the same credentials that they use to login to their email. Student’s will follow the following format listed below
    Log in to Clever
  3. Enter student’s username in the space identified. The username will consist of the students ID # with appended on (For example
    Sign in Clever
  4. Enter the student’s password. The password will consist of the following:
  • First letter of first name in upper case
  • First letter of last name in lower case
  • 2 digit of their birth month
  • 2 digit of their birth year
  • 01 (male) or 02 (female)
  • For example: Jane Doe’s birthday is May 13, 2004. Her password is Jd050402
    Clever Password
  • Clever Apps

5. Click on the application you are interested in accessing