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Buzzing Minds Extravaganza

A math bee is a competition where participants, typically students, solve mathematical problems individually within a limited time frame. These competitions can range from local school events to regional, national, or even international competitions. Math bees often include various rounds, designed to test participants' mathematical skills, speed, and accuracy.

Roberto Clemente held their annual Math Bee on March 20, 2024. We hosted not one, but TWO Math Bees, tailored for different grade levels! The first school wide Math Bee was for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students.  The second Math Bee was for 3rd through 5th Grade students. Both Math Bees featured a series of thrilling rounds.

We want to extend a huge congratulation to each and every participant of this year's Math Bee! Your enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for mathematics have truly shone throughout the competition, and we couldn't be prouder of your hard work! Whether you solved every problem with lightning speed or persevered through challenges with determination, you've demonstrated incredible math skills and a true love for learning. Each of you is a shining star in our math community!

Congratulations on your impressive performance in the school-level Math Bee! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and now it's time to take your math skills to the next level at the District Bee! 

1st-2nd Grade Level 

1st place: Efren Aca Zayas (1st Grade)

2nd place: Darian Gonzalez (2nd Grade)

3rd-5th Grade Level

1st place: Anan Martinez (5th Grade)

2nd place: Arley ASquino Franco (3rd Grade)

So, sharpen those pencils, review those formulas, and get ready to show the district what you're made of! We believe in you, and we know you have what it takes to succeed! Good Luck!


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