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Osborn Students Visit U of M- Ann Arbor


November 13, 2023, was an exciting day for over 30 Osborn High School students! Visiting a university campus like the University of Michigan Ann Arbor can provide valuable insights into college life and help students envision their academic futures. Engaging in a multicultural panel adds an extra layer of enrichment, exposing students to diverse perspectives and experiences.

Students were able to participate in activities that can be beneficial for every high school student, such as :

  • Exposure to College Life
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Networking
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Decision-Making Support

It is initiatives like these that contribute to a well-rounded and enriched educational experience. Encouraging students to explore beyond their immediate surroundings fosters a sense of curiosity and a broader understanding of the world.  If there are follow-up activities or discussions planned, they could reinforce the lessons learned during the visit to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.