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Congrats to Barton's MATH BEE Classroom Winners!

The competition began with 1st through 5th grade math teachers, Mrs. Sargent, Ms. Burroughs, Mrs. Washington, and Mrs. Tennyson, conducting classroom-level math bees the week of March 13th. 

1st Grade Classroom Math Bee winners are as follows (from right to left): Justice Player (3rd place), Autumn Martin (2nd place) , and Kawayne Blackburn (1st place). 1st grade math bee winners

2nd grade Classroom Math Bees winners are as follows: Tavious Wright (3rd place), Kendall Leiva (1st place), and Rylan Daniels (2nd place).2nd grade math bee winners


Grades 3rd through 5th competed for the 1st place spot as well.

1st place winners grades 3rd through 5th are as follows: Cari Bell (1st place 3rd grade winner); Jeremy Barnes (1st place 3rd grade winner); Brayden Ward (1st place 4th grade winner); and La'trevis Pollard (1st place 5th grade winner). 1st place math bee winners grades 3 - 5


2nd place winners grades 3rd through 5th are as follows: Zy'Aira May (2nd place 3rd grade winner); Kai Williams (2nd place 3rd grade winner); Blake Brothern (2nd place 4th grade winner); and Deannah Brownleaf (2nd place 5th grade winner). 2nd place Mathh Bee winners grade 3-5


3rd place winners grades 3rd through 5th are as follows: Connor Raines (3rd place 3rd grade winner); Lauren Clark-Jackson (3rd place 3rd grade winner); Symone Barnes (3rd place 4th grade winner); and Kaydence Cobb (3rd place 5th grade winner).3-5 grades 3rd place math bee winners  

Each student received Bear Bucks for their participation. 

Which one of the winners will be Barton Elementary's school-wide math bee champ? School-wide competitions will be held the week of 3/20/2023.