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Welcoming Our Students into a New Year

There is no better way to begin our first week of the 2023 school year than by welcoming our students with open arms, celebrating our students' successes, planning to have more successful students, and students' showcasing some holiday gifts they received over the break.

The staff were excited to welcome our students back to school. We kicked it off with our usual schoolwide Monday Townhall Meeting. Principal Adams came with her 2023 glasses, blowing horns, ringing bells, and playing music as everyone danced in excitement.

In December 2022, students completed their Middle of Year (MOY) iReady Reading and Mathematics assessments. The administration invited those students who 'Grew to Green' to the stage, receiving a huge round of applause from their peers and staff. Instructional staff, with the support of elective teachers, the CLT team, and administration, began weekly intensive Tiered instruction during Placement Labs to maintain continuous i-Ready growth. Parents should expect Progress Reports detailing students' academic strengths and needs.  

To end the week, students were allowed to share holiday gifts with peers during Show n Tell Friday! Students shared VRs, remote control cars, purses, jewelry, nunchuks, and more. What a way to begin the year 2023!

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