Legacy Alternative Academy

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    Welcome to Legacy Academy, where we positively impact the lives of young people.  Please see the following fundamental expectations outlined below.  These expectations are derived from the 3A’s: Attendance; Attitude; and Achievement.  Our number one goal is to provide students with the opportunity to be academically successful.  We will go above and beyond minimum requirements to exceed the needs of our students. However, the primary key to lasting success is you. 

    Students are expected to:

    Have timely and regular attendance for all classes.

    Attend all daily group activities.

    Follow all of the mandates as outlined in the DPSCD Code of Conduct.

    Turn in high-quality assignments.

    Maintain a 2.0 or better GPA.

    Our dress code requires all students to wear black, navy, or khaki pants and a solid-colored, collared shirt.

    Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Safe.  



    Our Vision  

    We will meet the challenges of delivering and receiving high quality educational experiences. We will strengthen you with accommodations, we will support you as we connect with each other, and remain true to our purpose by successfully assisting you toward your life-plan. Legacy will meet you, prepare with you, and Legacy will celebrate you!


    Legacy Academy Mission  

    Legacy Academy staff will engage student growth through attendance, academics, and attitude. We will strive to deliver a high quality of education and prepare our students to become contributing people to a multicultural, multi-ethnic, and pluralistic society. We believe that all students can learn and make significant contributions to our world. School staff, in collaboration with our families and community, will provide a learning space that is a safe, caring, and healthy environment.

    Our mission is to nurture the potential of each student as a lifelong learner. 


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    • Credit Recovery
    • Mentoring Programs
    • Field Trips
    • Chess
    • SAT Prep
    • Small Class Sizes

Quick Facts

  • 6th-12th
  • No Application Required
  • 8:00am - 3:20pm Bell Schedule
  • Yes Uniforms
  • 5:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
  • Yes Transportation
  • 23 Enrollment