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Mr. Ezekiel Ohan

Principal C. Ezekiel Ohan is a graduate of Clemson University where he received his undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Marketing.  He then received a postgraduate Master of the Arts in Teaching (M.A.T) from Sierra Nevada College, which was then followed by a second Master of Educational Leadership (M.Ed) from Grand Valley State University.  Principal Ezekiel Ohan has invested his past 18 years in education as a Teacher, Lead Teacher, Head Coach (football), Executive Assistant to the Director, Department Chair, Educational Consultant, and Principal seats: He could not imagine a career as befitted with purpose and prosperity.  Principal Ohan covets his ability to interact and be involved with students on a daily basis, which he views as his calling.  The occupational transitions made through the years have all been learning curves that have encased a tremendous amount of support, trust, and accountability that has enabled this professional to successfully deliver quality educational experiences from his professional organization to his young learners. One of this Principal's core philosophies is that his success will always have the student interest as his primary focus. Mr. Ezekiel Ohan is the proud father of both a daughter and a son, a proud husband of a fine mother and professional, and considers himself a privileged person to walk in the path he believes to be his life's purpose.
It is my engaging leadership capacities that enable a comfortable fit for educators to perform and assist students towards banner school years, so I view this post as an opportunity to create a broad platform whereby the facilitation and support of motivated staff and students can be cultivated and developed into a continuous culture of learning. I have successfully connected instructional leadership with student achievement while delivering quality education to our young people. Education has offered me a path for more than 20 years to travel with a sense of purpose and privilege in servicing the promising minds of tomorrow. I am Principal Ohan of Legacy Academy. 
Ezekial Ohan