• Dear students, parents and guardians,

    We want to welcome you back to the 2022-23 calendar year. As we have been preparing for this new school year DPSCD and your LEGACY family has worked hard to provide quality instruction for our students. There is a daily schedule posted on our website alongside uniform requirements, suggested school materials, school programs, community events, and contact information for LEGACY administration to receive inquiries and celebrations. Remain current with the initiatives your appointed school has on the school calendar. The new calendar comes with exciting opportunities to reach out and support all efforts to deliver on a great school year. Please continue to check our LEGACY website for updates to get involved.

    My staff and I believe in our students and in their LEGACY, our combined strength is more powerful than the challenge before us. We hope to push through our challenges together as a “WE” partnership. Meanwhile, become part of LEGACY through our parent and teacher outreach and association. Alternative activities invite your support designed for mothers {Monday Mothers}and fathers {Friday Fathers} to influence and secure the educational day for all students.

    Starting August 29th, 2022, our students will return to a regular schedule, reconnecting with friends, spending time in classrooms getting to know new teachers and catching up with their favorites. LEGACY looks forward to welcoming households and to re-unifying our vision which is our LEGACY.

    On behalf of LEGACY and our committed partners, thank you for enrolling your child/ren with the opportunity for us to serve together.

    It always seems impossible until it is done. [Nelson Mandela: Madiba]


    Principal Ohan