Bell Schedule

  • Mondays through Fridays, the academic day begins at 8:15 AM and ends at 3:25 PM

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • Entry procedures:  Students enter through their designated door at 8:15 when the entry bell rings. They may pick up breakfast if they would like before heading to their class. Any student arriving after 8:30 will enter through Door 1 and will need to pick up a late pass before going to class. 

    Dismissal procedures: Students are dismissed outside their designated door at 3:25 pm. Pre-school parents enter through their door to sign out students directly from their classes. Students not picked up by 3:30 are brought inside to wait for their parents in the hall by the main office. 

    Door 1: 1st and 2nd Grade

    Door 2: Kinder and 3rd Grade

    Door 3: 4th and 5th Grade

    Door 4: Pre-School students in Ms. Coburn, Ms. Norris, or Ms. Wallace's class. 

    Students in Ms. Moraco or Ms. Thompson's pre-k classes are dismissed from the modular building. 

    Early Dismissal: Students are dismissed 3 hours early (12:25 PM) through their regular doors.