• Welcome to our Charles Wright Student Council Page!!

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    Student Council

    Welcome to Charles H. Wright Student Council, where your voice can be heard!

    What is the role of the Student Council?

    · Meet with other students and teachers to discuss what is best for our school

    · Serve our School

    · Promote the school’s student voice

    · Opportunity for school leadership and community citizenship

    · Be a role model for other students and engaging others to become involved in school decisions

    Want to join our 3rd and 4th Grade Student Council?

    You will need to:

    1. Create a poster campaigning for your role in Student Council (Who are You?)

    2. Write a speech for your campaign addressing why you would be a good candidate for your class and grade.

    3. Present your poster and speech for voting to your homeroom teacher.

    Speeches and posters will be presented on November 26 and 27. Voting will take place on Friday, October 3oth. Please see Ms. Kovan, Ms. Burkes, and Mrs. A. Davis for any questions.