Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • Arrival 

    · The building will open to students as early as 8:30am, as soon as they arrive their temperature will be taken and daily symptoms check.

    · Students can arrive for breakfast at 8:15am, breakfast served in the Madame Cadillac Building, directly across from the Liberal Arts Building

    · Students are to be dropped off in front of the Liberal Arts Building, if they choose not to have breakfast.

    · Students will scan the QR code on the doors and on signage outside to complete their digital symptoms check daily

    · Students will enter through the main north-facing entrance and proceed to the temperature check tables

    · Students are required to maintain social distance

    · Students will have their temperature taken, staff will confirm the completion of the daily symptom check, and students receive a mask if not already wearing one

    · Students arriving at or later than 8:45 am will report to class Breakfast will be served from 8:15am - 8:45am

    · Students will begin cleaning up the common space area in MC Building close to 8:35am

    · Students will begin cleaning up and be dismissed from MC Building. Students are expected to be in class, seated, and ready to work by 9am.

    · All students arriving after 8:45a am will report directly to the 2nd floor lobby area to show completion of the daily symptom check and get their temperature taken by main office staff

    · Leadership team will lock the entrances to the 2 East, 3 East, and 3 West wings to ensure late arrivals cannot enter class without completing the daily symptom check and having their temperature taken


    Late Arrival

    · Students must report directly to the office, main office staff will do a temperature check and daily symptoms check.

    · Students who do not get a pass from the office and sign the late arrival log will remain marked absent in the system

    · All students must complete a temperature check and daily symptoms check no matter what time they arrive to the building.



    · School ends at 4:00pm. Teachers should reserve the last 15 minutes of class for cleanup dismissal. Dismissal will be staggered as follows:

    · Student athletes will be dismissed by teachers at 3:50 for the bus to Mumford

    · All students will be directed to leave the building if not participating in an after school program

    · Students must be in their after-school club meeting, tutoring, or outside of the building by 4:10

    · Parent pick-up is on the front drive, if arriving early parents will be directed to another parking lot space until dismissal

    · All school activities should be over by 5:30pm


    After School Program Dismissal

    · After school programs should begin clean up at 5:15 PM

    · Staff sponsor should ensure that all students have transportation arranged

    · Students shall be escorted down to the main lobby in a single file and socially distanced line by the programs staff sponsor

    · Staff sponsors should ensure students remain socially distanced and do not venture off into other areas of the Liberal Arts building


    Late Pick-up – After 5:30 PM

    · Late pickup must be arranged with Dean Watts or Mr. Yancey no later than 10:00am each day

    · Students will attend an after-school program or tutoring until 5:30 PM

    · Students will transition to Dean Watts’ or Mr. Yancey’s office to wait in until their ride arrives