• Greetings Parents, Family, and Friends,  

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the new K-12 Principal of The School at Marygrove. I have worked diligently to build positive relationships and strong ties within the educational community, and I look forward to having an opportunity to develop those relationships with the students, staff, parents, and TSM learning community.  

    I am in my 24th year as a professional in the field of education. I discovered early on that my purpose in life was to teach, inspire, motivate, and lead. My life has and continues to be an open novel of colorful stories woven throughout the buildings, hallways, and classrooms that I have worked in. No matter the role or title, my career has been enriched by my experiences, cultivated through many challenges, and nurtured with the knowledge and understanding that I am constantly evolving as an educator. 

    I started my career as an ELA teacher with Detroit Public Schools at Martin Luther King Jr. Sr. High School. After two years, my journey took me to the Oak Park School District where I served as an ELA teacher, Department Chair and Dean of Students. My tenure there prepared me for the next 14 years of solid leadership experience as an Assistant Principal and Principal with the Ferndale Public Schools & Van Dyke Public School District. I also served a year as a School Improvement Consultant with Wayne RESA.  

    Over the years, I have worked with diverse cultures, divergent socio-economic populations, and students with a wide range of learning abilities and challenges. I work tirelessly to build solid relationships with students, staff, parents, and stakeholders to forge positive community partnerships. It is my goal to ensure that high achievement is attained at optimal levels and that school safety is a high priority.  

    My vision is to provide a learning environment that is committed to continuous improvement and provides equitable learning opportunities for all students.  

    My goal is to ensure that every Huskie is given the following opportunities:  

    • Transformative Experiences- Experiences that shape the mind, cultivate growth, and expose them to learning in and outside of the classroom.
    • Extraordinary Achievement- Learning that is challenging and pushes them beyond the walls of the classrooms and into a world of endless possibilities.
    • Equitable Opportunities-Creating conditions that allow all students to reach their full potential.  

    I will be focused on Listening, Learning, and Building Relationships. I plan to meet with staff, students, and parents to listen to ideas, learn about the exciting programs and initiatives, and start to develop positive relationships with all members of the TSM learning community. I look forward to sharing your child’s educational journey with you and creating invaluable opportunities for them to be successful. I believe that if we partner together, our school will be stronger, our community will be enriched, and our students will benefit greatly!  

    Best Regards,  

    Ms. Lisa Williams, Principal