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    Welcome to Mumford High School, a place where learning comes alive and dreams take flight! With students from grades 9 through 12, we're a bustling community of over 919 students, each with a unique story to share. At Mumford, we're all about helping you discover your passions, make new friends, and achieve your goals.

    Imagine a school where you not only study traditional subjects like math and science but also get hands-on training in things like carpentry, culinary arts, and computer programming through our vocational programs. Plus, with our dual-enrollment opportunities, you can start earning college credits while still in high school, getting a head start on your future. Mumford  athletics fields of football, tennis courts, track, baseball and Olympic size swimming pool are state of the art equipped.  And let's not forget about our amazing arts program – whether you love to paint, act, sing, or dance, there's a place for you to shine at Mumford. So why not join us? Come be a part of our vibrant community and let Mumford High School be the launchpad for your brightest future!


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