• Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (F.L.I.C.S.)


    FLICS is a partial immersion language program where students typically begin their journey in Kindergarten and leave 8th Grade not only proficient in English, math, science, and social studies but in a second language of French, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese.  FLICS students are ready to excel at the country’s leading rigorous, college-preparatory high schools.

    The FLICS program design is consistent with best practices in second language acquisition, immersion, and bilingual education instruction.  Instruction is focused primarily on building strong literacy in Standard American English in Grades K-4 with instruction for a concept moving into the target language once student comprehension is attained.  The second language is integrated into the classroom culture and throughout the content areas.  In grades 5-8, special attention is placed on acceleration in the core areas (math, science, social studies, and ELA), while at the same time increasing proficiency in a second language.

    FLICS is part of a K-12 language continuum with 9-12 grades continuing in their respective language at the student’s individual proficiency level.  High school language continuation is provided at Renaissance High School (French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese), or at Cass Technical High School (French and Spanish only).  A FLICS student has the opportunity to become proficient in a second language leading them to a successful university experience, saving money at the university level, and a key player in our global society.

    FLICS is Michigan’s only K-12 language program in 4 languages.  FLICS is a shining example of the wide range of unique educational opportunities within Detroit Public Schools.  Come by and see for yourself!