• Fisher Magnet Lower Academy offers a unique PreK-four elementary grade structure with strong staff-student relationships. The school’s staff focus on each student’s development within its unique early elementary facility -the only one of its kind in DPSCD- combines to create a small, warm, caring experience with a full range of academic programs.
    We have new Math and English programs this year. Our EL (Expeditionary Learning) English Language Arts curriculum and Eureka Math curriculum cause student learning to be aligned with the State tests our students are measured by. That was not the case in the past.

    We are technology savvy and have extensive instructional technology, including two computer labs, tablets, laptops, iPads, Smartboards in nearly every classroom and classroom computers. We also offer Art, Gym and Library-Media as course offerings for our students. Daily recess and Playworks are built into student learning. Playworks provides students with physical activity and problem-solving skills to improve student’s health, social and emotional learning.

    Fisher is renowned for its spacious campus and is a local choice for families with siblings because we partner with Fisher Magnet Upper Academy, which goes to 8th Grade. We have honors classes to support advanced learners, as well as small group and one-on-one instruction, to support our neediest learners. I invite you to visit to see why we are known as “the best school on planet earth”.