Nichols Elementary School
  • Nichols Elementary /Middle  School

    Our Mission…

    The mission of Nichols Elementary/Middle is to create a safe, responsible and respectful learning environment for all learning community members.


    Our Vision…

    Our vision at Nichols Elementary/Middle School is to utilize Blueprint 2020 developed by the District. In order to achieve this mission and vision, we will…

    • Utilize the new rigorous curriuclums to prioritize learning in our community through the lens of impactful learning opportunitie
    • Empower students, parents and other learning community members  to connect learning to their world through innovative instructional design (EL Learning, Eureka Math, Mystery Science) and effective assessment (IReady and Illuminate) 
    • Care about  the social, emotional, and physical well being of ALL in an engaging environments that inspires personal and team growth for ALL
    • Invest in a postivie learning community  by providing various opportunities for  learning  at our school for students, teacher, parents and other community members