Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • PreK-1 Students: Only use STAFF PARKING LOT for Drop off and Pick up. You must have a Parking Pass in enter the lot.

    Grades 2-4 Students: Use St. Martins which is now a One-Way Street. Take Outer Drive to Mendota (Pinehurst, Monte Vista, Manor, or Meyers). Turn right onto St. Martins. Use the St. Martin Street sidewalk drop-off, entering Door #1. Parents should drop-off and pick up on St. Martin Street. Parents are encouraged to drop-off and continue on. Please refrain from parking in the Staff Parking Lot.

    Grades 5-8 Students: Take Chippewa St. to Illene. Illene to Pembroke. Pembroke is a One Way Street. Use the Pembroke Street sidewalk drop-off, entering Door 8. Parents should drop-off and pick up on Pembroke Street and continue on to Wyoming and Exit.


     Your support is needed to make the traffic flow at both door entrances. The majority of Bates students live outside of the school community. Our students are driven to and from the school daily and it can test your patience. Therefore, understanding and cooperation are necessary.

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