School Dress Code

  • Our mission at Bates Academy is to provide educational excellence for every student. To ensure that all students are learning and thriving in a positive, safe environment, The Bates Community has decided to make some changes to the dress code for the 2021-2022 school year.
    Data has proven that uniforms assist in the climate of a school and the academic growth of students; focus is not on what one is wearing. For years, our students have worn the blue and white uniform, which doesn’t represent Bates school colors. Our students were not standing out and looking as though they were from a school of excellence. This being said, as of this upcoming school year the uniform will be as follows:

    Plaid yellow/black skirt, black or khaki skirt or pants only; white, golden yellow, or black blouse/shirt with a collar. Black, white, golden yellow knee socks or tights (no designs). Black or white school shoes only. Black or white sweater, or vest.

    Black or khaki pants only. White, golden yellow, or black uniform shirt with a collar. Black or white socks. Black or white school shoes only. Black or white sweater, or vest.

    Optional: Plaid Yellow/black tie, black blazer or Gentlemen Club ties

    The plaid yellow and black uniform skirt and tie is manufactured by School Belles. Our school code for School Belles is S2540. The black uniform pants, skirts, colored shirts can be purchased from any store including FKO Kids, French Toast, Sears, JC Penney, Kids 4 Less, Target, etc.
    Bates Academy students will be expected to be in uniform The First Day and Everyday of school.


    Bates Academy students who come to school 
    dressed for success will develop the mindset that is conducive to improved behavior, higher learning and greater success.