• Priest Dress Code Information

    Priest enforces a dress code policy to show respect for our appearance, create cohesion as a community and to embody a sense of equality. All students must comply with the District’s and schools dress code by wearing a uniform every day. All students are expected to exemplify proper grooming standards in a manner that projects an appropriate image for the student, school and District. Exceptions apply during our regular spirit weeks where students may wear 


    General requirements

    • Shirt: a provided Priest t-shirt or sweatshirt OR a polo shirt in our school colors (blue, yellow, or white)
    • Pants: basic solid-color jeans, khakis, slacks, dresses, shorts, or skirts
      • Skirts, dresses and shorts must sit no more than 2" above the knee
    • Shoes: closed, non-steel toed shoes of the student's choosing
    • Hair: Students may wear their hair in any style they choose
    • Headwear: Students may wear headwear if it allows the face to be visible to staff and does not interfere with the line of sight of any student or staff
      • All religious headwear is encouraged and permitted at student and family preference
    • Students may wear PPE (masks, gloves) to continue to guard against COVID-19.

    Students May Not Wear

    • Pants: Jeans with extreme rips, leggings, tights, yoga pants
    • Shoes: any open-toed shoe, Crocs, flip flops, sandals, house shoes, steel-toed shoes or boots
    • Hoods during the school day 
    • Styles of clothes that endanger themselves or other students.
    • Bedtime attire such as pajamas, undershirts, or undergarments as outerwear.
    • Students’ clothing or tattoos may not display statements or pictures that are related to the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or sex, or that promote hate and/or violence or signify gang affiliations. 
    • Attire that may be considered weapons, including but not limited to chain belts or wallet chains.
    • Jewelry or similar artifacts that are obscene or may cause disruptions to the educational environment.
    • Hair rollers or hair curlers.

    Our School Colors

    • Royal Blue
    • White
    • Yellow