Students read in pairs in a cozy classroom at Priest
  • Our Academics & Electives

    We draw upon the expertise of our educators and work together to create models of outstanding achievement in every classroom. Through implementing high-quality instructional materials and transforming the academic culture in our schools, we challenge and inspire our students to thrive in the world. With a wide variety of academics and enrichment opportunities aligned with state standards, we support students in unlocking their potential as they extend their skills and talents beyond the classroom. Our core curriculum includes:

    • Bilingual Education - We are committed to English Language Development for students beginning in early childhood by implementing English literacy instructional frameworks that prepare families to become independent readers and writers in English.
    • English Language Arts - We are committed to nurturing and developing a strong literacy foundation for all students in the early school years by implementing literacy instructional frameworks that prepare students to become independent readers and writers.
    • Math - The mathematics curriculum seeks to ensure mathematical competence and confidence in students in mathematics-rich classroom environments.
    • Science - Classroom experiences in science are connected to real-world phenomena and provide opportunities to engage in science and engineering practices through exposure to STEM-related career pathways.
    • Social Studies - Students gain the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and core democratic values necessary for fulling their civic duties in a participatory democracy and effectively engaging in our global society.
    • Computers - Students develop typing and programming skills that equip them for work in the 21st century through fun, hands-on activities
    • Art - Our art curriculum develops student creativity through an emphasis on the process of art and self-expression rather than mechanically copying pre-made designs. We are proud of our artists and regularly submit work to city competitions as well as display it around our campus.