Know Your School Rights

pictured is a pencil underling 'know your rights' and a fist raised upward

Student's Rights

    1. The right to a free public school education.
    2. IThe right to equitable academic resources.
    3. The right to inclusive teaching and learning environments in all classrooms.
    4. The right to due process.
    5. The right to a socially, emotionally, and physically safe and positive school climate.
    6. The right to effective teachers.
    7. The right to be treated with respect and dignity by the school community.
    8.  The right to positive school disciplinary policies and practices.
    9. The right to participate in decisions that affect our education.

Students Stand Tall

Students standing tall and smiling on a haystack

Student Responsibilities

    1. Attend school regularly and punctually.
    2. Know and adhere to the Code.
    3. Abide by and follow school / teacher rules, regulations, and policies.
    4. Behave in a manner that contributes to a safe learning environment and which supports the rights of others to learn.
    5. Show respect for school property and respect the property of others, both private and public.
    6.  Know the Student Code of Conduct and abide by other school rules and regulations.
    7. Express yourself in oral, written, electronic/and other modes of expression, in a manner, which promotes cooperation and support of the educational process.
    8. Help maintain a school environment free of weapons, illegal drugs, controlled substances and alcohol.
    9. Share information with school officials regarding matters, which may endanger the health and welfare of the school community.
    10. Work with school staff in developing broad extracurricular programs to represent the range of physical, social and cultural interests and needs of students.
    11. Keep parents/guardians informed of school-related matters, including progress in school, social and educational events and ensure that parents receive communications provided by school staff to students for transmittal to parents.