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Office Procedures

  • Visitors

    All visitors, including volunteers, must check in at the Gothe entrance to receive a visitors badge. All visitors must wear a visitor’s badge. Visitors may not access the classroom during Southeastern Sacred Time (8:10 am-11:15 pm and 12:45 pm-3:15 pm) Volunteers or parents must make arrangements with administration 24 hours prior to gaining access to a classroom.

    Administration Meeting Policy

    Parents must make an appointment to see an Administrator. Visitor information and a message will be promptly delivered to the appropriate administrator upon request. An administrator will respond to the messages within 24 hours. Parents must request the appropriate grade-level administrator and follow the required protocol for student-related concerns. The classroom teacher must be the first point of contact for student-related issues. Administrator contact is as follows:

    • Mr. M. El-Amin – Principal
    • Mr. A. Washington-Assistant Principal  
    • Mr. N. Patterson-Dean of Students

    Phone Usage

    As a courtesy to others please conclude all cell phone conversations upon entering the Main Office.


    A Medication Administration form must be completed in order to administer medication to students. Medication must have the pharmacy label complete with the student's name, physician’s name and expiration date.

    Request for Information

    All requests for information will be completed within 24-48 hours of receipt of request. Parents must complete a form when requesting information. Parents must contact the school before coming to the school to pick up information. Southeastern reserves the right to refuse to provide information for non-custodial, biological, or all parties who are unable to provide proper credentials proving relationship to the student.

    Copies of birth certificates and immunization records will not be provided and must be requested by a school or agency directly.

    Early Dismissals

    Early dismissal students will not be called down to the Main Office prior to the parent’s arrival. Parents must wait in the Main Office for students to arrive. All students who are dismissed early will be marked absent until unexcused documentation is presented to the school.