• Welcome to Gardner Elementary "The Home of the Gladiators" where we are an one to one technology school.  We have partnerships with the City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Department, with ACCESS/21st Century and we are a Building Healty Communities school.  The City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Department provides a program that includes: homework assistance, physical activities, arts and crafts and supper to all participants in grades first through fifth. Access/21st Century provides assistance in reading and math skills for students in grades first through third. Building Healty Communities promotes healthy eating and living. For further information, see a representative for either program or stop by our Main Office.

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    • One-to-One Program (computer for every student)
    • Physical Education Classes
    • After-School Enrichment Program
    • Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    • Computer Lab
  • Kindergarten-Fifth Grades Served
  • 8:30-3:40 School Hours
  • 25:1 Student Teacher Ration
  • Yes Uniform
  • Yes Transportation
  • 264 Enrollment