Arrival /Dismissal Procedures

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      The school day begins at 8:30 am. and ends at 3:40 pm.

    Doors open as early as 8:10 for breakfast. Breakfast is served daily from 8:10-8:30 am.

     Please do not leave students unattended prior to 8:10 as there is no one outside to supervise them.

    As an added safety precaution Gardner students participate in the Kiss-and-Drop policy. This means that parents kiss and hug their students at the main entrance door and allow students to enter the building and walk to the lunchroom independently.Students that arrive after the tardy bell have to report to the security desk to get a pass before enterint their classroom.


    Kindergartners are dismissed out of door number two (2) on Mansfield

    First and Second graders are dismissed from door number one (1 the main entrance) on Mansfield

    Third graders are dismissed from door number seven (7) the Large Playground

    Fourth and Fifth grade are dismissed from door number four (4) on Whitlock

    We ask that any parent or guardian that wishes to pick their student up early report to the main office to sign them out. For early dismissal we ask that parents arrive before 3:30 as students will be called down to the office prepared to go home. After 3:30 parents are encouraged to wait outside until dismissal at 3:40. 

    Parents that arrive late must report ti the main office to sign their student out.