• All About Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy - 6021 McMillan, Detroit, MI 48209

    Welcome to Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy we offer pre-K through 8th grade where the journey of academic exploration and cultural immersion awaits! As someone new to our community, we're thrilled to extend an invitation for you to discover the vibrant tapestry of opportunities that our school offers.  With over 470 students already thriving in our nurturing environment, you'll find yourself embraced by a supportive community dedicated to your growth and success.

    As you embark on your journey to Neinas, you'll encounter a dynamic blend of rigorous academics. But that is just the beginning. Beyond the classroom, our Before and After School Programs offer tailored experiences to ignite your passions and bolster your skills, ensuring that your journey with us extends far beyond the confines of traditional education. And for those with a love for sports, our Athletics Program provides the perfect arena to cultivate teamwork, resilience, and a healthy competitive spirit. At Neinas, we're not just preparing you for middle school and high school—we're empowering you to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with confidence and determination. Join us in shaping your future with boundless possibilities, where every step forward is a step closer to realizing your dreams. 


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