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    Breithaupt Career Technical Center is not just a school—it's a launchpad for students' professional dreams. Our Breithaupt has 300+ students in grades 10 through 12, all eager to dive into exciting college and career readiness opportunities. You won't just sit in a classroom—you'll roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience in one of our awesome programs. Culinary, Cosmetology, Automotive, Welding, Mechatronics.  Here, students don't just learn; they thrive, earning industry credentials that open doors to lucrative careers.

    From Automotive Technology, where students can earn coveted ASE certifications, to Culinary Arts, where they attain ServSafe accreditation, we're dedicated to equipping our students with the tools for success. But we don't stop there. Our programs extend into the realm of beauty and wellness, offering pathways to obtain licenses in Manicuring and Natural Hair Cultivation. At Breithaupt, we're not just shaping futures; we're sculpting leaders, innovators, and trailblazers ready to make their mark on the world.  Join us, and let's build your future together.


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    • Automotive Collision Repair - 1-year program
    • Automotive Services Technician - 2 year program
    • Cosmetology
      • Natural Hair Cultivation - 1 year program
      • Manicuring - 1 year program
    • Culinary Arts - 1 year program
    • Mechatronics - 2 year program
    • Welding - 1 year program

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