We are the Gators!
  • Expect Respect is Detroit Public Schools Community District’s universal theme that reinforces that those in authority must lead by example, teach and reteach students the value of making positive choices, and help them with their own consequences when behavior is not appropriate. For DPSCD schools to be the institutions of learning and positive culture, the provision of clear expectations for all community members shall ensure that staff, students, and parents feel safe and respected at school.
    In teaching our students the importance of respect for self and others, DPSCD outlines five principles to serve as an important foundation to guide behavior, both individual and in interpersonal relationships. If students abide by these principles, the learning environment will be strengthened.

    1. My words, actions and attitudes demonstrate respect for myself and others at all times.
    2. I seek to correct harm that I have caused to others in the school community.
    3. I demonstrate pride in myself, in my future, and in my school by arriving on time, dressed appropriately, and prepared to focus on my studies.
    4. I always seek the most peaceful means of resolving conflicts, and obtain the assistance of teachers, administrators, or school staff when I am unable to resolve conflicts on my own.
    5. I take pride in promoting a safe and clean learning environment at my school.

    - DPSCD Student Code Core Principles

    Updated Student Code of Conduct 2023 -2024