Online Learning

  • In-person classes have been suspended until further notice. This decision is meant to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community, reduce the potential of people being infected, and protect those who are most vulnerable to severe illness. During this time, here is some information you need to keep you connected to learning during the temporary suspension of classes at your student's school. As always, we continue to focus on students’ learning and their social-emotional needs during these difficult times.

    For more COVID-19 updates and information, please visit

Student Support

  • Homework Hotline

    We can't wait to begin helping students Rise Up with DPSCD! 

    The Detroit Public Schools Community District Homework Hotline is a free resource available for all DPSCD students that encourages outstanding achievement by giving students an additional platform to ask for help and emphasize problem-solving skills. Students and families can call in for help with Literacy and/or Math homework. The Homework Hotline will be offered during the academic year on Monday – Thursday, from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Homework Hotline will not operate on days that schools are closed for holidays. The Homework Hotline is provided in partnership with United Way for Southeastern Michigan.  

    Contact The Hotline
    Please call 1-833-466-3978 during operating hours and follow the prompts.

    Download our FAQ's here: Student/Parent FAQ's

    Homework Hotline Survey
    Take our Homework Hotline Survey! By providing feedback in this survey, you will help us improve the Hotline and be able to provide the best service for all our users. 

    Mental Health Hotline

    The Mental Health Hotline is staffed by School Social Workers, trained in addressing trauma, grief, and resource determination. School Social Workers will be available to provide online counseling to students and parents. In addition to online counseling, students and families will be able to receive referrals for additional services. This hotline may be reached as an option from the Homework Hotline by calling 1-833-466-3978 during operating hours.

    English Language Learner Support

    Read about the academic offerings, communication tools, and translation supports available to English Language Learner students.

Logging into Clever

  • Most of the District's online tools can be accessed through Clever.

    • Go to Clever:
    • Click "Log in with Active Directory"
      • Username:
        • Example:
      • Password: first letter of first name in upper case, first letter of last name in lower case, 2 digit of their birth month, 2 digit of their birth year, 01 (male) or 02 (female)
        • Example: Jane Doe's birthday is May 13, 2004; her password is Jd050402

    For more information about logging in to Clever, please see the Clever Login Instructions (EspanolArabic, Bengali).

Using Schoology & Teams

  • Teachers and the District will be using Schoology and Teams to complement each other in support of online learning. Schoology will give students a digital classroom to store work, resources, and course materials. Teams will be the virtual meeting space where both teachers and students can meet with their classes, have student discussions in small groups, and communicate in real-time.

    What is Schoology?

    The District has adopted Schoology as its new learning management system (LMS) in the 2020-2021 school year. As a full-featured LMS, Schoology will work with the rest of the District’s digital tools and online resources to help us provide excellent instruction to our students. Teachers will be able to use Schoology to assign work, distribute reading and media to students, assess student progress, communicate with families, and create an online classroom environment. Schoology will also make it possible for the District to better support teachers by enabling us to share course resources that you can easily add to your courses and giving us a new way to support professional learning.

    What is Teams?

    Teams for Education is the platform our teachers use to stay connected with students while in and out of the classroom.  District teachers have Teams automatically rostered for each of their courses, and students are automatically enrolled in Teams for each of their courses.  Teachers can conduct check-ins (via chat and video) with students and families, provide one-on-one or small group assistance for those who need more support, conduct whole-class discussions or lessons, and assign and provide feedback on submitted assignments.

    How does it work?

    Both Schoology and Teams can be accessed by logging in to Clever. In Teams, clicking on the Schoology tab will open Schoology directly within Teams without having to open another application. Tabs allow students to access services and content in a dedicated space within a channel or in a chat.