Parent Resources

  • Thank you for your interest in attending FLICS.  Please be aware that all FLICS scholars and families must meet the below criteria to remain in good standing to be continuously enrolled at our school. 


    Developing scholars to be courageous leaders through the diversity of Foreign Language that InspiresCultivates Character and Self -Discipline 


    FLICS will foster an environment that empowers scholars to embrace Foreign Language, value, and accept diversity, excel academically, and ensure they are equipped socially and emotionally for the global world.  


    Good attendance is the strongest indicator of student success.  As such, FLICS scholars are required to maintain an attendance rate of 95% or above.  This equates to less than nine absences for the school year, or roughly one per month.   


    All FLICS scholars in grades 3-8 are required to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above.  Failure to maintain this GPA will result in the scholar being placed on academic probation and may lead to dismissal from our program.  Scholars in grades K-2 must place within one grade level of proficiency on the I-Ready interim assessment, or risk also being placed on academic probation.  Any student placed on academic probation will be given adequate time and support to make necessary gains toward the required GPA or I-Ready score. 


    Behavior is a cornerstone to a great education. Per the DPSCD Code of Conduct, behavior infractions have been assigned a point value to guide schools. A FLICS Scholar is expected to maintain a high level of integrity and behavior. A FLICS Scholar who earns 6 points will be referred to Tier 2 Behavior Interventions in an attempt to guide the Scholar toward acceptable behavior. A Scholar who earns 2 more points (for a total of 8 points) will be referred to Tier 3 Behavior Interventions as a final chance to allow the Scholar to move toward acceptable behavior. A Scholar who earns 10 points total can be dismissed from FLICS. All other DPSCD Code of Conduct guidelines will be followed. 

    Parent Involvement: 

    Home-School collaboration is essential for student success. This partnership will require parents to volunteer 20 hours per school year. There are many activities that parents can volunteer for in our school community, such as: Chaperoning, Language Clubs, Fundraisers, PTA meeting, School Advisory Council, School Improvement Team, Materials Preparation, Etc. In order to volunteer, all parents must complete a background check within DPSCD. 

    Parents are also expected to attend and participate in the following: 

    · Orientations 

    · Curriculum Nights/ Open Houses 

    · Participate with Language Clubs 

    · Attend Parent Teacher Conferences 

    · Gain access to Power School/ Class Dojo / School Newsletters 

    · Check Class Dojo daily. 

    · Check Power School weekly.  


    There is a lot of information available in the resouce links on this page that will be helpful for parents and students.  Just click on the link for additional information.


    Parent Academy: Informational Page