• August 28, 2023


    Good Morning Thirkell, I hope that all is well!


    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! For those returning- Glad to see you and I missed you! For those new to the community- Welcome and I am glad that you are here!

    For the last three years, the Thirkell Community has focused on creating a Climate and Culture of excellence and I am extremely proud of the progress that we have made. Notice that I said excellence. I do not believe that one can be perfect, but that we can be excellent. Excellence means that we use every skill, talent, moment, and resource to accomplish what is before us.


    As we enter this new year, I want to share our vision:


    It is our vision to create life-long learners by educating our children to read with comprehension, write with clarity, compute with accuracy, think with independence, and verbally communicate and problem-solve respectfully. Thus, we will educate and empower every student, every day, to build a stronger Detroit.


    It is with that in mind that we are committed to excellence this school year. We will focus on the following goals:


    1. Decrease chronic absenteeism by15%
    2. Decrease suspension rate by 15%
    3. Evident implementation of PBIS


    1. Increase positive engagement feedback by 15%


    1. Increase academic proficiency by 10% and academic growth by 15%


    Imagine how impactful to the community it will be if we develop students who feel loved, challenged, and prepared to reach every goal that they set out to reach! Imagine how strong the community will be when this promoting Class of 2024 discovers the cure to Covid or when the 3rd graders exceed the Read by Grade 3 expectations. Or the fact this year’s kindergarteners are the graduating Class of 2036. The Class of 2036! And I need every leader, teacher, family, community partner, and student to commit and work to accomplish these goals.



    To make this happen:



    • School Updates and Contact Information: www.detroitk12.org/Thirkell
    • Robo Calls and Emails: Update your contact information with the Main Office
    • Facebook: @Thirkell DPSCD
    • Twitter: @TDPSCD
    • Instagram: @ItaThirkellThing
    • POWERSCHOOL Student Portal: You can see student grades, attendance, and teacher communication
    • Sign up to volunteer



    • Ensure that your students are in school every day, ALL DAY!
    • Attend Family Engagement Sessions
    • Hold your students accountable by making sure that they are completing assignments, demonstrating behavior expectations, and being responsible in the Thirkell Community



    • Understand that everyone is doing their best-Be Kind!
    • Be committed to wellness. We will continue to do wellness calls to simply ask, “Are you Ok?’
    • We will remain a closed campus for the 23-24 school year. All guests will continue to be supported at the door, unless you have a scheduled appointment. Staff and students teaching and learning in a safe and uninterrupted environment is my primary focus.  
    • Sign up to volunteer for the day.


    I pray that you absolutely hear my heart as you are reading this and ask that you do one more thing for me, take the pledge.

    • Commit to doing your BEST to be the BEST
    • Commit to having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE
    • Commit to being WILLING TO LEARN


    I look forward to an amazing school year and all that will come along with this journey. As always, reach out if you have questions or concerns and I thank you for your support and prayers as I lead this amazing community.


    Principal Stephanie R. Gaines, M.Ed.

    “I am LEADING Detroit’s Next Legends”