Pre-k-8th grade Montessori: Yellow Shirts 

    5th grade - Hunter green

    6th grade: Navy Blue Shirts  

    7th grade: Maroon Shirts  

    8th grade: Black Shirts  

    The only jackets/sweaters allowed in school must be brown or black. Hoodies will not be accepted. Please plan for the coming winter months.


    • Khaki
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Brown Plaid (if available)

    Material: Cotton, canvas, corduroy, linen, polyester, wool or fabric blends.

    * Belts: If the garment has belt loops a belt should be worn


    * Style: Athletic shoes, laced shoes and/or other shoe boots, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed toed/closed heel shoes.

    * Montessori: Please send an extra pair of shoes to school with your child to be worn only in the classroom. These do not need to be new shoes! Your child will change into their school shoes to come into the classroom and back into their shoes/boots to go outside. This helps keep our floors clean, which is where Montessori students place their mats to work. 

    Image of School Children in Uniform Clipart School Uniform