Student safety is very important to us. The start of the school day begins at 9:00 am and there are no staff members to supervise children prior to 8:50 am.
    Therefore, students should not be dropped off at school prior to these times.  Any student arriving to school after 9:20 am must enter through the Middle School Main entrance door and sign in at the security desk.


    Students being dropped off must be walked across the bus lane by an adult. Students should not cross the bus lane alone.

    The arrival time is at 9:00 am and students may enter their classrooms.

    Students who arrive at 8:50 am to eat breakfast at school should report to the cafeteria as soon as they enter the building.

    Morning Bus Duty Main Entrance

    A staff member will supervise the students entering the building each morning at the main entrance 8:50 am - 9:15 am. The staff member will greet students and remind them to walk, and go straight to the cafeteria for breakfast or to their classroom.


    Dismissal bell is at 4:10 pm  – all students, and students being picked up will be dismissed at this time.

    Early Dismissal

    Parents who pick up students early, must report to the middle school office first and sign the students out for early dismissal.  Parents are not allowed to pickup students directly from the classroom.  Parents must wait until the students walk down to the Middle School Main Office and the student will be released to their parents by a staff member..