About Us

  • At Ronald Brown Academy, we believe that teaching matters most, therefore, we exist to ensure that all students are on a path to success.  Our goal is to provide a premier learning experience for students on Detroit's eastside through means of internalizing the habits of self-reliance, honor, achievement, responsibility to others, and persistence.  These values give our students the ability to be life-long learners capable of excelling and transforming tomorrow.  In addition, we work to help students develop academic habits with an engaging and rigorous curriculum that accelerates the learning process.  We seek to prove that students, regardless of what ZIP code they are born into, can perform at high academic levels. Our mission is to impact and transform not only the students at Ronald Brown Academy but the expectation of what public schools can achieve.

    Students in front of Annex building   

  • Ronald Brown Academy offers an integrated curriculum with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics for grades Pre K-8. Our school is a Michigan Green School for energy saving initiatives.  Ronald Brown is committed to inspiring future leaders. Ranked as one of the top 50 schools in the state by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in 2013, Ronald Brown provides a premier learning experience for students on Detroit’s eastside. With $1.3 million in building renovations, including a green house, the intimate school setting features committed staff who put forth their best efforts to explore, guide and enrich the learning of our students.  In addition to the new curricular in math, reading and science, we are a one-to-one technology school.  We offer Title 1 tutoring, STEAM and STEM clubs after school and we partner with the city of Detroit Parks and Recreation.  In our efforts to develop inquisitive young minds, all classrooms engage students in the hands-on learning approach.  Additionally, we have a DHS social worker on site to support parents and we partner with Gleaners Food Bank.  

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  • 11530 E. Outer DriveDetroitMI 48224-3265 Directions
    Phone: (313) 886-2611 • Fax: (313) 417-2860

    Deanna Hunt, Principal

    Deanna. Hunt@detroitk12.org


    • Academic Games
    • After School Tutoring
    • Girls Club
    • Basketball
    • Photography
    • Safety Patrol
    • STEM
    • 21st Century

Quick Facts

  • Kindergarten - 8th Grades Served
  • No Application Required
  • 7:30am -2:40pm Bell Schedule
  • Yes Uniforms
  • Yes Transportation
  • 688 Students Enrollment