Ronald Brown Academy partners with Gleaners Community Food Bank to end child hunger one school at a time.  Food is distributed year-round, including summer months when the risk of hunger is at its greatest.  Gleaners Partners delivers food bags to Ronald Brown monthly and students are able to take a bag of food home at the end of the day on the delivery date.  The bags may include

    • shelf stable milk
    • canned protein
    • canned fruit
    • canned vegetables
    • whole grain cereal or crackers

    Bags are filled with nutritious food for children who rely on free or reduced priced meals during the week.

  •  Food Corps

    New at Ronald Brown this year is our FoodCorps Service Member, Erin Brenner. FoodCorps is a National Program with Service Members in over 200 schools in the US and 6 school in the DPSC District. Ms. Brenner will be working together with the school community to connect our students to healthy food in school. She will be teaching hands-on lessons, providing support and taste tests in the cafeteria, and working to beautify and improve our garden space. If you want to be a part of our Healthy School Team and learn more about how you can contribute, you can reach Ms. Brenner at erin.brenner@foodcorps.org"



    Ms. Brenner