The first weeks of online learning will require patience and time for adjustments. Schoology will be new for everyone, classroom friends and small groups will be new, and establishing routines will be new. It’s ok for this to feel a little messy and require kids to build stamina for their online lessons. Making sure your child has brain breaks throughout the day will help them adjust to their new learning environment.

    Below find some recommendations to support your child with online learning.

    Be On Time

    Create a Positive Learning Environment

    Be an Active Participant

    Be Respectful and Responsible

    • Follow the online time schedule based on what your teacher shares with you.
    • Login a few minutes early in case you have any technical issues
    • Stay online for the entire class unless your teacher directs you to do otherwise
    • If a teacher directs you to do independent work, return when it is time.
    • Find a space that is free from distractions
    • Wear appropriate clothing
    • Make sure your devices are charged or plugged in before every class.
    • Have all the supplies you need on-hand before your class begins
    • Leave cell phones in another room to avoid being districted
    • Eat meals and snacks before or after a class.
    • Given your full attention during class.
    • Participate in any whole-class discussions or breakout discussion
    • Keep your video on during the class period unless directed to turn it off by a teacher.
    • Be on mute unless directed to unmute by a teacher
    • Online use the chat feature to pose relevant questions to the class or teacher or to participate as your teacher has directed you.
    • Be mindful of your space and what is displayed in the background.
    • Be respectful of others especially in breakout rooms.
    • Use appropriate language
    • Turn in all work on time.
    • Reach out to teachers or other school staff if you need assistance.