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New Wellness Space for Students!

Creating Safe Spaces

The SE Wellness Space is now officially open! This project began when Counselor Mitchell was honored with a SWAG Award two years ago and chose to use the grant to create a sensory room. Fully understanding that students sometimes struggle with emotional self-regulation and stress management, it was important to develop a safe place to reflect, center, and refocus. The room is equipped with fountains, sensory tools, self-help books, mindfulness activities, and a lounge area for when they just need a moment to regroup. Part of our goal is to make sure our students know it's okay to not be okay and we encourage self-care moments. Special thanks to Huntington Bank and The Michigan Chronicle for the SWAG grant that made this vision come to light.


 room filled with couch, pillows, lamps, and activity tables   A pillow and sensory table section 

chair with led lights and activity table    Lava lamp and art table