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Spelling Bee 2024 Grade

On February 5, 5-8th grade students participated in the qualifying round of the annual Spelling Bee competition.  Each ELA classroom held competitions to send representatives to this final school round. The competition started with 13 students and after several rounds, we were down to our top 5 students. Counselor Johnson provided the word SUDSY and students gave many variations of the word, but only one spelled it correctly.

Middle school Finalist - 5th - 8th Grade

1st Place - Ivan Nelms

2nd Place - James Morris

3rd Place - Samantha Holloway 


On Thursday, March 14th, grades first through fourth participated in our Annual Spelling Bee for Reading Morning Month. All the participants did a fantastic job! 

Upper Elementary Finalist - 3rd and 4th Grade 
1st Place- Symone Campbell
2nd Place- Tatyana Boyrtte
3rd Place- Jayla Deed


Lower Elementary Finalist  - 1st and 2nd Grade
1st Place- Jamar Williams 
2nd Place- Yakeem Young
3rd Place- King Underwood
Our 1st and 2nd place winners will begin preparing for the WXYZ Regional Spelling Bee that will be held in March. Congraulations!!
Shout out to Ms. Rudolph and all the staff that assisted her with this year's competition.