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Meet Our Middle School Leadership Team!

Welcome to the hub of our middle school leadership team! We're proud to introduce the students who serve as exemplary role models within our school community. From guiding peers in the hallways to lending a helping hand in kindergarten through 1st-grade classrooms, our leadership team embodies responsibility, compassion, and dedication.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Hallway Guides: Our middle school leaders assist fellow students in navigating the hallways safely and courteously during class transitions.

 2. Classroom Assistants: They actively participate in kindergarten through 1st-grade classrooms, offering support to both teachers and younger students.

3. Morning Announcements: Our team members contribute to the morning announcements, sharing important updates and fostering a positive school environment.

4. Student Role Models: By exemplifying integrity, kindness, and academic excellence, our leadership team sets a high standard for their peers to emulate.

Our middle school leadership team plays a vital role in shaping the culture and climate of our school. Through their dedication and service, they inspire their peers to strive for excellence and uphold our school values. We're grateful for their commitment to making our school a better place for all.