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Ford Piquette Plant

Students at Moses Field School recently had the exciting opportunity to visit the historic Piquette Ford Plant. This visit provided them with a firsthand look at the birthplace of the Model T, Henry Ford's revolutionary automobile that transformed transportation history. Inspired by their experience at the plant, the students embarked on a creative project: making their very own automobiles out of tissue rolls.

Using their imaginations and newfound knowledge from the plant tour, students crafted miniature cars using tissue rolls, cardboard, and other craft materials. This hands-on activity not only sparked their creativity but also reinforced the concepts of automotive engineering and design.

Through experiences like these, Moses Field School aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for innovation, history, and hands-on learning among its students. The visit to the Piquette Ford Plant and the subsequent craft project allowed students to engage with history in a tangible and memorable way, igniting their curiosity and passion for learning.