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Moses Field Take On DIA

On January 31, the art students of Moses Field school got the chance to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (DIA) as a means of exposure and learning. Art teacher P. Bryant and the Detroit Public Community District Art Department believe that the field trip is a great opportunity for students.

The students looked at all the different collections from many different cultures. Mr. Bryant said. “He thinks that when students see art themselves, it’s a different experience than what they would otherwise be exposed to. It is more of a dynamic impression to see real artwork firsthand, like when they can see the actual size and the true colors and maybe the texture of the paintings in which the students work in class.   

He also explained that “when students see something they’ve never seen before, like modern art, which is a little unusual, and they might not see it in an everyday magazine, shopping mall or school.”

When students were asked, “Which collection grabbed their attention, most said" the African American because they saw people like them.  It wasn’t just art objects to be learned about; the ability to use their inside voices, not to touch the art displays, and using etiquette to observe particular collections was an art itself.