• Your website should inform prospective students and families about what you have to offer and why they should choose your district or school. What makes your organization unique and exceptional? How will you help students be successful and prepare them for the future? Presenting this information in a way that is not only informative, but also engaging and attractive, is critical. Your website is your online reputation, and is how users determine if you are trustworthy and reliable. Prospective students and families will be interested in a variety of information, including statistics on graduation rates, scholarships, academic success, diversity, special programs, etc. Attractive imagery and engaging multimedia help make a strong impression, but don't forget to highlight the important data that users need access to as part of their evaluation and decision-making process.


    • Highlight your district’s academic programs, athletics, fine arts, experienced faculty, state of the art facilities, etc. Put special emphasis on any areas where your organization excels above the competition.
    • Feature statistics that illustrate your proven track record of helping students succeed - impressive graduation and college admission rates, high test scores, awards, faculty credentials, etc. This is your opportunity to be impressive!

    Design Ideas:

    • Infographics and photo collages are an excellent way to add visual interest to facts and figures. Utilizing icons, photography or graphics to present data will have significantly more impact than text without accompanying imagery.
    • Facts and figures are often presented in a static manner, which is perfectly fine, but keep in mind that interactivity equals engagement, and capitalize on any opportunities to make your content interactive. Interactive features with hover effects or animations are more eye-catching and memorable than static content.
    • Restrict content on the homepage to your most important and impactful data. For example, if your district offers 12 special programs, choose 3-6 to highlight, and provide a link for users to see all programs or information on an interior content page. Posting too much information on the homepage could have adverse effects and make the page feel cluttered or overwhelming.