• Robotics Team 

    • Competitive program
    • After-school meetings
    • 2019 Spring Event Finalist

    Student Leadership Team

    • Students use their voice to influence their educational experience.
    • Ideas are shared in an organized and supervised environment.
    • Students are elected by their peers to assume the leadership team roles.

    Green Team

    • Sustainability initiative that teaches students to reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to save our planet
    • School gardening
    • Recycling 
    • Group projects that allow students to collaborate and come up with ways to make their homes, schools and communities more sustainable

    Technology Team

    • Students will work with staff to keep our school website and social media outlets up-to-date by posting written content, images and videos.
    • Learning to use computer software and hardware
    • Photography

    After-School Arts Education

    • Offering an array of after-school classes and workshops for teens
    • Dance
    • Visual art
    • Digital music
    • Open studios
    • Video animation & production
    • Digital music